Scotiabank Home Savings Plan (SHSP)

Right for you if:

  • You’re saving to buy a new home

  • You plan to finance your home purchase with a Scotiabank Mortgage

  • With the new Scotiabank Home Savings Plan, you can save the money you need faster and easier than you think.

    It’s simple. Start saving for your home now, and when you’re ready to finance with a Scotiabank Mortgage, we top up your savings.

    It’s smart to save now.

    Why should you set up a Home Savings Plan now, even if you don’t know when you’ll be ready to buy?

  • You’ll be saving automatically. 
    It’s so easy and convenient you’ll barely notice you’re saving, until you see the amount you’ve put aside.

  • Scotiabank will top-up your savings when you’re ready to buy. 
    You can put the top-up toward your down payment or your closing expenses.

  • Start house hunting sooner. 
    You’ll have your savings ready plus the top-up, so you’ll get closer to closing a deal more quickly.

  • Saving regularly for a home through the Scotiabank Home Savings Plan can become so routine you may not even think about it. Once it's set up, it automatically continues until you're ready to access the funds.

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